Guidelines and recommendations for organizers

All times mentioned on this website are in BSW Server time, which is in the CET (Central European Time). It can be checked at the site of the atomic clock of

Registration and additonal registrations

Participants that have been registered with the lowest 3 priorities have a right to participate in the preliminaries or the tournaments themselves if there are no preliminaries for that tournament.

If there are still places available in a tournament after the registration phase (i.e. the maximum number of participants hasn't been reached and there are no preliminaries), additional registrations will be possible. The number of entrants will be extended with the players with priority 4, then priority 5 finally priority 6.

If there are still places left after this the respective organizer can contact the committee (using the contact form) to reopen the registration form. However, the committee decides whether the maximum number of participants will be raised and by how much. If there are still places free there's no maximum of 3 participants per city anymore.

Organizing a tournament

The modes that have been developed by the committee will have to be consistently implemented. A change of the tournament set-up is only allowed in exceptional situations (e.g. server crashes, unexpected long games) after consulting the committee.

All tournament-games for the BrettSpielWeltSpiele have to be played in the stadium.

The tournament organizer is responsible for a successful tournament during the BrettSpielWeltSpiele. This includes registration of attendance in the channel, coordination of rooms in the BrettSpielWeltSpiele Stadium, providing and updating of a tournament schedule, and deciding possible disputes to the best of their abilities.

  • In some tournaments there are seeded players (medal winners, the x highest ranked players based on Elo-ranking etc.) to ensure that they won't play against each other in early tournament stages. If last year's medal winners do not participate in the tournament their seeded places will be filled up with with players using the criteria mentioned in the tournament mode (in most cases based on Elo ranking). All seedings will take place on March 13 2010 before 20:00.
  • Drawings at the start of a tournament should be done in a public channel by a puppet whenever possible (e. g. DerNotar).
  • For organizing (parts of) tournaments which use the Swiss system we recommend using the (German) program Turnierverwaltung (almost at the bottom of the page under Software).
  • For organizing (parts of) tournaments which use the Round Robin (everyone plays against everyone) we recommend using the program LMO (available in many languages).
  • More sophisticated but even more complex is tsh (tournament shell).
  • For organizing tournaments using the Monrad (a.k.a Danish) system or the Single elimination (a.k.a KO or knock-out) system a spreadsheet like Excel (Microsoft Office) or Calc (OpenOffice) should suffice. We can provide examples by request.
  • For organizing tournaments with multiple rounds and tables consisting of more than 2 players per game you may want to take a look at Tussi or Torga.
  • There are also many tournament puppets and help available in the Puppet-Forum.

Unfortunately many of these sites are in German only.

If there are any problems, questions or suggestions regarding the use of the software mentioned above, please feel free to contact the committee using the contact form or the Forum.

Tournament schedules have to be made available online as html or text-files. They should be created as such that they are easily accessible even for slower connections. The BSW forum is not suitable for schedules, so please use external webspace. Furthermore you should include a link to the corresponding page showing the data of Ticker (puppet who collects results) to give participants and others an easy way of checking current results. If possible the tournament schedule should contain information about the schedule of future rounds (see also schedules in various tournament mode descriptions).

Tournament puppets should aid the organizers not replace them. Organizers have to be prepared to be able to continue the tournament if the puppet might malfunction, even if that means all results have to be manually processed.

The attendance check should be held 15 minutes before the start of the tournament. We recommend you synchronize your system time with a time server on the tournament day or fall back on the atomic clock of Missing participants can be replaced with players on the list of substitutes if there is one. Players appearing late may only participate if there not enough substitutes available and the mode of the tournament permits this (e.g. even number of players). In case there still not enough players the tournament organizer may fill up the tournament with players that haven't registered for that tournament. The additional players will be drawn at random out of those available. In most cases, tournaments with less than 24 registrations will not take place, in this case please consult the committee. Tournament organizers are obliged to implement this demand strictly to assure equal decisions in all tournaments of the BrettSpielWeltSpiele and to be fair towards the players on the list of substitutes.

The tournament organizers are also referees and are the final authority on disputes in their tournaments. All decisions (regarding amongst others, but not limited to, showing up late, playing slowly on purpose, and other unsportsmanlike conduct) will be binding for the participants. Every organizer has to provide the names of 2 assistant referees. They will have to resolve any cases in which the organizer of a tournament would directly or indirectly benefit by a decision.


For the preliminaries the same rules apply as for the tournaments.
If a preliminary is necessary, then afterwards the organizer has to make a list of players that have qualified and a list of substitutes and provide them to the committee.
The games during the preliminaries will have to be played in the stadium as well.

Floating tournaments

The organizers of floating events will have to update tournament schedules frequently, if possible daily. At noon on the first day of a round the pairings have to be online. If players don't succeed in playing their match before a deadline, the tournament organizer and the committee will decide upon the result based on the claims that have been submitted.


Tournament organizers can ask the committee for sanctioning players (e.g. for having been absent from the tournament without valid excuse, suddenly leaving the tournament, abusing players and other misconduct, etc.). Please use the contact form for this.

Bans / Disqualifications

Players may be expelled from the certain tournaments due to a record of cheating and trying to cheat in the past. A tournament organizer has the right to ask the committee for exclusion from a specific tournament or the complete BrettSpielWeltSpiele using the contact form. The committee will confer with the mediators about the player in question and reach a decision.

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