Guidelines and recommendations for participants

All times mentioned on this website are in BSW Server time, which is up until March 27 2010 CET (Central European Time or UTC+1). As of March 28 2010 daylight saving time is in effect, so then it is CEST (Central European Summer Time or UTC+2). It can be checked at the site of the atom clock of Note: all times mentioned use the 24-hour clock convention.


The ideal of the Olympic Games was to bring all peoples together for a peaceful contest. Therefore all participants of the BrettSpielWeltSpiele should be honest in the contest, modest in victory, not envy in defeat and open in their attitude. Thus, all participants are expected to behave friendly and fairly in the games.
All decisions of referees will be binding for the participants. If you have an issue with any decision, you can contact the committee.
Players abusing or insulting the referee or show other disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behaviour towards referees or other players, may face sanctions against their town.
The BSWS committee reserves the right to exclude players from single tournaments or the BSWS in total.


Your mayor or your deputy has to register you for the tournaments of the BSWS. There will be an extra thread at the ARMfeld forum on the BrettspielWelt site.
You should check to see if you mayor or deputy has registered you for the tournaments you want to participate in. You can check for which tournaments you have been registered in your player info under Tournaments. Please make sure you look at the info of the correct player (i.e. your screen name).
If you leave your town after March 3 2010 20:00, you also loose the registration for all tournaments. Re-registering is only possible tournaments without preliminaries that have still places left. In that case you can ask your new mayor or deputy to register you.


It is common practice to withdraw yourself of a tournament when you know you can't participate. Registrations can be cancelled by your mayor or deputy at the registration form. However the tournament masters will not see that immediately. Therefore it would be nice and helpful if you notice the concerning tournament master of the withdrawal as well.
It is of course possible that a player will have to withdraw just before the start of a tournament. Also then it would be wise to excuse oneself to the concerning tournament master afterwards. After all, it causes extra work for the tournament master when players don't show up without notice.


All tournament-games for the BrettSpielWeltSpiele have to be played in the stadium. To enter a tournament room use /game BSWSx replacing x with the respective number. This also goes for the preliminaries. The only exceptions are when it is clearly stated in the mode of the tournament or by tournament organizer.
It's not allowed to play two or more tournaments at the same time.

In some tournaments there are seeded players (medal winners, the x highest ranked players based on Elo-ranking etc.) to ensure that they won't play against each other in early tournament stages. All seedings will take place on March 13 2010 before 20:00.

To make sure all tournaments will proceed as smoothly as possible, it is necessary that all participants have enough knowledge of the rules and the interface of the games they are playing, to be able to meet the target times (minutes per game) mentioned in all tournament modes. In case of multiple serious disregards tournament organizers or the committee might sanction players (which may result in exclusion).

Fixed tournaments

To ensure a punctual start of a tournament participants are requested to appear at least 15 minutes before the start of an event in the respective channel for that event. A player appearing late (and if it's only by a second according to server time) loses his right to take part in this tournament. Tournament organizers are obliged to implement this demand strictly to assure equal decisions to all tournaments of the BrettSpielWeltSpiele. Entering your channel early is therefore strictly recommended to ensure the tournament running smoothly and you not losing your starting place.

Floating tournaments

When the opponents of a game have been determined they can play their game immediately, but only after the opening ceremonies. Preliminaries may be played as of March 15 at 0:01. Results have to be reported by the winner. All games will have to be played before the deadline. If players don't succeed in doing so, the tournament organizer and the committee will decide upon the result based on the claims that have been submitted. If not stated otherwise, all deadlines are 'day X at 23:59'.
A player can claim a victory for a round at the tournament organizer if the game didn't take place on the condition that the player has taken an effort in making an arrangement for the game. The easiest way to verify these efforts if the player has used the contact form to get in touch with his opponent. This form saves all messages and so it provides a base for potential claim-decisions. Please make sure, that you have an actual working email-address registered on the BrettspielWelt website which you frequently check.

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