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C43 Schrödingers Katze

C43 Schrödingers Katze


The latest news from the BSWS forum:

April 18th, 2010

courtesy of dschienie, from our host Schrödingers Katze:


It might be hard to believe, but come sunday, the 2010 BSWS edition will be over.
We would like to take this as pretext *cough* to invite everyone to our closing ceremony.

So take out your pencils and write down: Sunday, april 18th, 7pm CET in the stadium /room C43-100.

This will include all the medal ceremonies not held yet.

April 5th, 2010

Dear paricipants of yesterdays Stone Age tournament

we deeply regret yesterday's ending and want to send out our apologies to all of you - those who wanted to play the tournament as is, those who were still in the hunt for a personal goal as well as those who just wanted to play another game. Unfortunately we severely miscalculated the time needed for a round which made the tournament last too long so that we had to truncate the tournament and cancel the last round. Unfortunately the next tournament was ready to start.

We're sorry that the winners have been decided in such an inconvenient and unsatisfying way, but we haven't found a more palatable solution for this situation. Again, we offer our apologies to all those whose medal hunt was cut short this abruptly.

We hope, that somehow the other BSWS tournaments can make up for this bitter aftertaste somehow, since we hopefully have planned the other events more thoroughly.

April 1st, 2010


Now that the preliminaries have been played, we are approaching at a breathtaking *cough* pace April 2nd …

… with the opening ceremony of the 2010 BSWS.

We herewith invite all participants, their fellow citizens and friends, all organizers and the committee to take part in this opening ceremony. Here we go

Friday, April 2nd, 8pm / 20:00h German time

Our schedule:

Der geplante Ablauf:
- During the afternoon, the Olympic Torch will be run through all cities of BSW where the citizens will be invited to join the ceremonies.
- At 20:00/8pm, the mayor of Schrödingers Katze will inaugurate the opening ceremonies.
- The announcer will call for all participating cities and their present players, after this they will enter the stadium one by one.
- Then a short speech will be held.
- After these words, one player and the organizer, representing all taking oart, will take the fairness oath.
- Finally, the fire will be lit and thus the 2010 BSWS will be officially opened.

In order to ceremoniously enter the stadium, we ask all attendants to meet on the "psi-Wiese" (/room C43-100) and wait for your nick to be called, when you can enter the stadium using /room C43-100. You will not miss a beat: the whole ceremony will be transmitted in /channel BSWS as well as on the "psi-Wiese" by the announcer.

And if you have the time - please take part in our quiz about past BSWS editions… who knows, which odd facts you will discover.

We're looking forward to seeing you there.

dschienie and her Cats

March 29th, 2010

And we're immediately rowing back - we overlooked a participant. MaKukEm will take place. Smiley Sorry about the confusion we're causing.

March 28th, 2010

Unfortunately, MaKukEm and Die Säulen der Erde (Pillars of the Earth) had to be cancelled due to lack of participation.

March 18th, 2010

The preliminaries in UKUK (23.03.10), Verflixxt (24.03.10) and Dominion (27.03.2010) have been cancelled. All players who signed up for the competition advance through to the finals.

March 15th, 2010

The room numbers for the preliminaries can be found here: Link
or on the BSWS homepage as well

They will be updated continuously, so if something is missing, don't be too surprised, it will appear.

You can find the rooms using the command: /game BSWSX
where X is to be replaced by the number of your room, so e.g. for CCE you may play in /game BSWS140

The contact form for floating tournaments is now online. Here you can reach your opponents to arrange a date. The games can be played from today on. All preliminary matches are to be played in the stadium (the BSWS rooms referred to above) and the results must be reported by the winner of the match using the form to result reports. The matches are reported by puppets as well, but sometimes a puppet makes mistakes, so be sure that you report your victories Smiley

The organizer will be informed about the report directly by the form. Also, organizers can receive copies of the mails their players sent using the contact form. For this, please refer to ArcEnCiel OR Galapagos - this option is deactivated by default.

Finally an overview over the preliminary tournaments: (kudos Gloppy)

PreliminaryRegisteredReductionPreliminariesMain tournament
Backgammon6532No 1st round, 2nd round 65->64, 3rd round 64->32Starts with the round of 32
Can't Stop9532No 1st round, 2nd round 95->64, 3rd round 64->32Starts with the round of 32
Carcassone5632No 1st round, No 2nd round, 3rd round 56->32No changes
CCE5832No 1st round, No 2nd round, 3rd round 58->32No changes
Dog-Team5432No 1st round, No 2nd round, 3rd round 54->32No changes
Dominion (+ Die Intrige + Seaside)8132No 1st round, 2nd round 81->64, 3rd round 64->32Starts with the round of 32
Paris Paris5132No 1st round, No 2nd round, 3rd round 51->32No changes
Tichu-Team4832No 1st round, No 2nd round, 3rd round 48->32No changes

March 9th

A word or two from the host city:


We have the ressources, we have the money, we have been awarded the game and no we have an appointed time as well...

... so all we still need is you.


We are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, March 13th on the town place of C43 Schrödingers Katze to start the building of the BSWS stadium together with us.


9:00pm - loads of words with little meaning

9:10pm - laying the foundation stone

9:15pm - naming of the stadium

March 8th

The inscription deadline has passed. Please have another look, in which events you will participate - in some tournaments players with priority 4 through 6 have been included.

Also, in certain events late inscriptions will be allowed. You can find the respective tournaments here, if you go to "BSWS tournaments - extra registrations". Here, every user can enter the tourney himself, there's no need to bother your mayor or your deputy anymore. Also, the rule about only three players per event per city has been canceled for these tournaments. In case of team events, more than one team per city can enter as well. Even if in one of these events the maximum number has been reached, it may happen that somebody withdraws, in which case the tournament will stay open. Having a look once or twice in a while may help you to enter.

An overview can be found at:

Events which will not feature at least 24 participants on march 28th, 8pm, will be cancelled. An exception is the "Pandemic Team" event, where 20 teams will suffice (please remember that as of now, more than one team per city can enter this tournament).

Since Caylus unfortunately did not reach the minimum requirement by quite some distance, it has been replaced by Doppelkopf. The rules can be found here: Link (unfortunately also German only right now).

Any suggestions, ideas and improvements are welcome.

For this tournament, you can apply under the same link as mentioned above, with a maximum of 48 players. There will be no preliminary tournament. And we are still looking for an organizer for Doppelkopf, which will be held April 15th, 7pm-11:30 pm (of course, the organizer would have to be there the famous quarter of an hour before the start as well). Please apply using the contact form here.

The preliminaries will start on march 15th (next monday). A few final informations:

During the preliminaries (as well as later in the tournament proper) you must use the tournament rooms in the stadium.

In floating tournaments players can start March 15th, 0:01am (German time, as usual).

In some events, former medal winners and the leading players in the Elo ratings will be seeded so they won't play each other too early (as mentioned in the first post above). In case not all former medalists participate, more of the top rated players will fill that void. For the seeding lists the deadline will be March 13th, 8pm.

For some tournaments, there are certain requirements for the number of participants, especially divisibility. If a wrong number of players turns up for a tournament, the organizer will fill up to the next useful number (for example in a swiss tournament with an odd number of players, only one additional player will be allowed). Eligible for this are all players who are there at the right time and tell the organizer that they would be willing to participate in said case. The decision which of the willing players may enter will be made randomly by "drawing lots". The same rules will later apply for the tournament proper and disciplines without preliminary tournaments.

In disciplines with preliminaries, a list of alternate players will be determined by the organizer according to the results of the prelims, in case players will not show up at the main event. There will be no lots included. E.g. in a tournament with 48 players three do not show up, then the numbers 49-51 of the prelims will be the first to move up.

Links to playing schedules will be appreciated, so we can include them in the BSWS website.

Also, we'd like to encourage all mayors and players to re-read all the information on the tournament's site: link. Thus, you'll have all the relevant information and not be taken by surprise by any rules.

Finally we want to mention that everybody is welcome to join /channel BSWS where you can pose any question as well.

March 2nd, 2010

Dear players,

please remember that the application deadline will be this sunday, March 7th, at 8pm German time. Afterwards, only tournaments which are not yet full (do not have preliminaries) will accept further players - until they are full.

In case you're having question about tactics or interface usage, or are just looking for opponents to train, you might want to have a look at the

Training Camp

which is hidden here: Link.

The users of BSW who commited themselves to explaining games have expanded there offer, especially concerning the games included in the 2010 BSWS. We'd like to take this opportunity to give them a big thanks. Be aware, however, that not everybody there will be capable of English.

Still: no worries and try to bring the bacon home. Enjoy your training.

February 28th, 2010

The preliminaries in "Dominion" (saturday, March 27th) had to be moved to 6pm/18:00h. All participants are asked to appear in the /channel BSWS-Dominion at 5:45/17:45h the latest.

Accordingly, the later preliminaries in "Die Säulen der Erde" will be moved to 9pm/21:00h, with the channel deadline 8:45/20:45h.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Fabruary 21st, 2010

The election of the host city for the 2010 BSWS edition is over. Our congratulations go to

C43 Schrödingers Katze

The application and all informations from and about the hosting city can be found here: Link

We also want to thank:

for their applications, their commitment and dedication and their creativity.

The voting results were as follows:

1st round:
C8 Phantasia2 votes9%
C41 Emerald.City / C63 Pirate's Cove11 votes48%
C43 Schrödingers Katze10 votes43%

2nd round:
C41 Emerald.City / C63 Pirate's Cove11 votes44%
C43 Schrödingers Katze14 votes56%

February 9th, 2010

We have received three great applications of potential host cities for the BSWS 2010. Much effort, passion and creativity of the cities' citizens created these. First of all, we'd like to give a great, big thanks to all those involved. This choice ain't gonna be easy.

All tournament directors and members of the committee can now vote

Similar to the elections of an olympic host city, votes will be held until a city receives an absolute majority of the votes. If this is not reached by any city, the city with the smallest number of votes will drop out. In case of any tie, poschdi will decide who advances or drops out. He will not vote otherwise.

The election will be held via the homepage, the link is soon to follow.

To be able to vote, each tournament organizer will have to register at (Link), using his nick on BSW. The button for sending the registration is at the bottom right.

Candidate cities:

All questions about these applications - program, schedule, theme, whatever - can be asked in this forum for all to read. The respective city will respond asap.

Each election round will take 3 days. Again all times are MEZ (GMT+1)

1st round: February 16th, 10am - February 18th, 8pm
2nd round: February 19th, 10am - February 21st, 8pm

Again: if you are organizing a tournament and want to participate, please register on the homepage.

So now, enjoy the applications, enjoy the informations, let yourself be embraced by the work and ideas there, and again, just enjoy. Wink

Oh, by the way: /channel BSWS
Looking forward to seeing you there Cheesy

February 2nd, 2010 (Groundhog Day)

After a successful test run of a new feature, the rules for the Dominion tournament of April 17th have been changed. It will now feature synchronised tables, meaning that all tables will use the same randomly generated set within a round. Since the understanding of the set at hand and its implications and correlations is a very important part of the game, this will make the results and accomplishments more comparable.

January 29th, 2010

You can now use the following pages to check or submit the registered players:

All players in all tournaments:

All players in a specified tournament:

All players from a specified city in all tournaments:

All players from a specified city in a specified tournament:

In case of need for more columns or other additions, don't hesitate to ask.

January 25th, 2010

The applicaton form for participants in the events has been activated: Link

Instructions for mayors on how to use this form: Link

January 23rd, 2010

Applications for participation in the events of the 2010 BSWS will start monday, January 25th. They will have to be filed by the mayors or deputies of the participants' cities. For doing this, we recommend to first re-read the guideluines you find at this link, where you will find information on how to use the application tool, how to form teams for the team events and when and how penalties may be imposed upon a city.

Participants to be are recommended to read this link including further information about participation.

The 2010 BSWS schedule now can be found here: link.

You will find a template for including this schedule in your forum further down in this post. Here, all times mentioned are German time (MET or MET plus Daylight Saving Time, please note, that sunday, March 28th, at 2am German time DST will be introduced, so from that day all times are GMT+2, before (during most of the preliminaries) only GMT+1), so please recalculate your local times, especially for differences due to Daylight Saving Time. In the schedule you will find the time when you should have joined the channel at the latest so that the tournament director can check whether everybody is there and whether adaptions to the plan would have to be made or substitute players would have to be included. The tournament proper usually will start 15 minutes later. The organizers are required not to allow latecomers to the tournament (even if it were only 1 second). Only this way the events will work smoothly for everyone, so make sure to be there in time.

Due to a conflict of schedule with the German Board Gaming Championship, we're one saturday short during the qualification period. Thus, one saturday will include twice the amout of preliminaries. Depending on the amount of applications, a second preliminary event may be held to avoid collisions, especially with "Alles im Eimer" and "Auf Achse".

Citizens of ARMfeld are referred to the following thread for application: Link


After coordination with the mediator team, this year we have unfortunately to exclude some players from BSWS again. This will apply to users currently having a warning icon () in their in game info, who have commands removed, or a under close supervision by the mediators for other reasons.

There will be no list of names in here, since we are certain that the respective users know whether they are included in this list. Should a user be registered, we may unlist him. Further, organizers can ask for the removal of additional players from their event. After filing a reason, the committee will decide, whether this will be justified and will take care of informing said player.

On January, 17th, at 8pm/20:00 MEZ (GMT+1) the deadline for applications for organizing events will set in. Should there be any event without applicants, this event cannot be held. On the overview page for the tournaments (Link) you can find out, which events are without an organizer as of now - and therefore would not be held if nobody qualified to do so stepped up. If you consider to apply, you should read and understand the information page (Link).

In case of any questions, always ask the committee. We're ready to help.


Hi there,

thanks to helpful hints by some users, some modes have been changed. This means the following, as of now:

  • Auf Achse (complete rework)
  • StoneAge (complete rework)
  • Wikinger (change of reference time)

Furthermore, 3 more tournaments are to be scheduled:
  • Atlantis
  • MaKukEm (Manhattan, KuK, Emerald)
  • Plättchenhüpfer ("Tile Jumper") (Atlantis, Cartagena, Verflixxt)

Note: updated rules are only available in German as of now but will be translated into English ASAP.

Still, we can always use your help and would be thankful for any hint, tip or whatever it is you have to remark.

A new introduction to the 2010 will be a possibility for referees to see individual used times during a game for the respective players. This will be made available only for tournaments and tournament rooms, it is not planned to include this as a general option for other times and rooms. Further information about this is to follow after the testing has concluded.

Finally, we'd like to point out again that you can apply as a referee/tourney director under the following link:

As of now, 7 dedicated users have applied. Without you, this event is not possible. So, if you think you can handle a tourney, have some experience with tournament software - do not hesitate to apply for running a BSWS tourney until January 17th, 8pm/20:00 MEZ.

Dec 13 2009

December 13th, 2009 Hi everybody,

here you have the indispensable thread about the 2010 BrettSpielWeltGames (BSWS for short, due to the German abbreviation). In this thread, you'll find all the updated info, deadlines and dates. Our homepage will be online soon, where those interested will be able to gather info and get in the mood for the biggest Brettspielwelt city tournament.

As the community size is increasing, so is the number of those of you new to this. So let me first explain, what the BSWS is about. As already mentioned, it is a tournament for the cities of BSW (including ARMfeld), where players can compete for the honour of their cities in approximately 40 events. Apart from honour, you can gather a lot of experience and if you manage to get into the top three in your tournament, you will see the appropriate Medal in your player info, under Trophies. Following our slogan "Who doesn't participate has lost already" we're hoping for active participation, close and fair matches and heaps of fun at the 2010 BSWS edition.

Of course, a big event like this cannot be without rules and a proper framework. This will be done by the committee, which I shall introduce now:

Lysiana Head coordinator, Public Relations
ArcEnCiel Homepage (German language), development of tournament modes
Galapagos Homepage (English language), development of tournament modes
Madmax Development of tournament modes
poschdi Development of tournament modes
Ulkomaalainen Support of English language participants, development of modes

In order for you to start your training sessions, this will be the schedule for the 2010 BSWS (all times given refer to MEZ, which is GMT+1 (6 hours before US eastern time, 7 hours behind Chinese time/AST):

General Stuff:
Publication of the Homepage December 31st, 2009, 8pm
Publication of the disciplines/games December 31st, 2009, 8pm
Publication of the tournament schedule January 24th, 2010, 8pm
Preliminary rounds March 15th - March 28th, 2010
BSWS April 3rd - April 18th, 2010

Due to the "Last Chance Tournament" held on BSW for the German Boardgaming Championships, this schedule has been pushed back a week compared to the first announcements.

Tournament organization:
Application for organizing events January 4th, 10am - January 17th, 8pm
Designation of disciplines and organizers February 16th - February 22nd, 8pm
Call date for Elo ratings in affected tournaments March, 13th, 8pm

Participant regristration (by mayor) January 25th, 10am - March 7th, 8pm

host city:
The host city will have to build a stadium for BSWS (the exact costs will be announced shortly).
Application deadline for hosting BSWS February 8th, 2010, 8pm
Survey of applications by committee February 9th - February 15th, 2010

As mentioned before, soon our homepage will go online, which will include all relevant information for organizers, participants, mayors, host cities, and whoever else is interested.

If there are still questions left after that, feel free to ask them in the following thread: Link

Finally, we would like to appeal to you to send us new ideas for interesting combination disciplines, if possible covering all possible questions you can think of, from feasible numbers of participants, through possible seeding procedures, up to tie breaking rules, options used and so forth. We would like to show an example, how this could read:

Stone Pushing (Bohnduell, Dvonn, Go, Packeis am Pol, Yinsh):
Mode: Knock out tournament (Best of 3)
Players per matchup: 2
Participants: max. 64
Options to be set: Dvonn: PROFI
Go: RULE:japanese,BOARDSIZE:9×9
Bohnduell: /option start x

If more than 64 players sign up, preliminaries will be held. These will use as many rounds as needed to slim the field to 32 participants, using the same rules as in the main event. The medallists of BSWS 2008 and the top 5 (6, 7, 8 if necessary) players with the best sum of the Elo ratings in the five games will be seeded, so they can meet in the quarter finals at the earliest (see image below). Their opponents as well as all other games will be drawn randomly without further seeding, filling up the first round with randomly allocated byes, if necessary, to reach a power of 2.

Main event:
This will be held as a continuous knock out event. If no preliminaries were held, the same seeding and drawing procedures as named above will be used.

Each match will be a best of 3 different games of the games BohnDuell, Dvonn, Go, Packeis am Pol und Yinsh. Firstly the player named first in the match will veto one of the games, after that the second player will veto one of the 4 remaining games. Now the first player will choose the first game to be played. After that the second player will choose the second game to be played. If necessary (i.e., no player won both games), the last remaining game will be played.

Each game will be played with the starting player being randomly (by using /option drawseat). The exception is Bohnduell, where two games will be played, with each player being the starting player once, and the player with the higher points total from both games will win.

Usually, no time limit will be used. A player may insist on using a 30 minute limit in Go, Yinsh and Dvonn.

A win in a single game will give the player 2 points, a draw will count as 1 point for both players. If after 3 games, one player has more points than his opponent, he won the match. If one player wins the first 2 games, the last game doesn't have to be played. In case of a 3-3 score, the drawn game will be replayed (with a change of starting positions, no drawseat). In case of another draw, the game will be replayed anew (with again changed positions) until a winner has been determined.

These were a lot of informations for starters. I promise, though, that there will be more to come. 8-)

<br />

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