The time stated first at fixed preliminaries is the time at which the channel check takes place to see if all participants are present. So this is the deadline for participants to enter the channel mentioned. The preliminaries will start 15 minutes later.

Date Tournament Channel Part. Schedule Rooms
Floating preliminaries
Mar 15 2010 - Mar 28 2010 BackgammonLeader: satanael Backgammon infoSingle elimination (match 7) /channel BSWS-BG Backgammon Mode BSWS50 - BSWS65
Mar 15 2010 - Mar 28 2010 Can't StopLeader: MiKä Can't Stop infoSingle elimination (match 5) /channel BSWS-CS Can't Stop Mode BSWS70 - BSWS105
Mar 15 2010 - Mar 28 2010 CarcassonneLeader: Mew2 Carcassonne infoSingle elimination (best-of-5) /channel BSWS-CC Carcassonne Mode BSWS110 - BSWS139
Mar 15 2010 - Mar 28 2010 CCELeader: SirFranky CCE infoSingle elimination (best-of-5) /channel BSWS-CCE CCE Mode BSWS140 - BSWS169
Mar 15 2010 - Mar 28 2010 DogLeader: Stechmuck Dog-Team infoSingle elimination (best-of-3) /channel BSWS-Dog Dog-Team Mode BSWS170 - BSWS191
Mar 15 2010 - Mar 28 2010 Dominion (+ Intrige + Seaside)Leader: Watno Dominion (+ Intrige + Seaside) infoSingle elimination (best-of-5) /channel BSWS-DomErw Dominion (+ Intrige + Seaside) Mode BSWS200 - BSWS218
Mar 15 2010 - Mar 28 2010 Paris ParisLeader: Felice Paris Paris infoSingle elimination (best-of-7) /channel BSWS-ParisParis Paris Paris Mode BSWS240 - BSWS257
Mar 15 2010 - Mar 28 2010 TichuLeader: WaltKowalski Tichu-Team infoSingle elimination (best-of-3) /channel BSWS-Tichu Tichu-Team Mode BSWS220 - BSWS239
Preliminaries as an event
1 Mo 15-03: 18:45 - 21:00 DiamantLeader: Rutabaga Diamant info3 rounds Monrad system (3 games per round) /channel BSWS-Diamant Diamant Mode BSWS2 - BSWS49
1 We 17-03: 18:45 - 21:30 AtlantisLeader: Moose_Head Atlantis info5 rounds Monrad system /channel BSWS-Atlantis Atlantis Mode BSWS260 - BSWS 289
1 Fr 19-03: 18:45 - 22:00 Cafe InternationalLeader: lisa3_at Cafe International info7 rounds Swiss system /channel BSWS-CI Cafe International Mode BSWS730 - BSWS764
1 Su 21-03: 09:45 - 14:00 WizardLeader: Jocelyn25 Wizard info5 rounds Monrad system /channel BSWS-Wizard Wizard Mode BSWS290 - BSWS300
1 Su 21-03: 14:15 - 17:00 BiathlonLeader: MiKä Biathlon infoCan't Stop, Transamerica
infoMonrad system (4 rounds Transamerica, 3 rounds Can't Stop)
/channel BSWS-Biathlon Biathlon Mode TA: BSWS310 - BSWS321, CS: BSWS330 - BSWS365
1 Su 28-03: 19:45 - 23:30 NumeriLeader: Mrs_Murphy Numeri info10 rounds Monrad system /channel BSWS-Numeri Numeri Mode BSWS460 - BSWS482
Tournaments without preliminaries (extra registrations possible if still available)

6 nimmt!Leader: Haraldino 6 nimmt! /channel BSWS-6nimmt 6 nimmt!

Alles im EimerLeader: spacekadett Alles im Eimer /channel BSWS-AIE Alles im Eimer

Auf AchseLeader: Avalano Auf Achse /channel BSWS-AufAchse Auf Achse

BazaarLeader: Mew2 Bazaar /channel BSWS-Bazaar Bazaar

BluffLeader: buche Bluff /channel BSWS-Bluff Bluff

Can't StopLeader: MiKä Can't Stop-Team /channel BSWS-CSTeam Can't Stop-Team

DominionLeader: Watno Dominion /channel BSWS-Dominion Dominion

DoppelkopfLeader: Chrissel Doppelkopf /channel BSWS-Doppelkopf Doppelkopf

Einfach GenialLeader: Mew2 Einfach Genial /channel BSWS-EG Einfach Genial

King LuiLeader: snake1 King Lui /channel BSWS-KingLui King Lui

LigrettoLeader: Dornröschen Ligretto /channel BSWS-Ligo Ligretto

Lucky StarLeader: Mew2 Lucky Star infoBackgammon, Bluff, Can't Stop, Numeri, Streetsoccer, Um Krone und Kragen, Verflixxt!
/channel BSWS-LuckyStar Lucky Star

MaKukEmLeader: Watno MaKukEm infoManhattan, Kardinal&König, Emerald
/channel BSWS-MaKukEm MaKukEm

Notre DameLeader: spacekadett Notre Dame /channel BSWS-ND Notre Dame

PandemieLeader: Deciman Pandemie-Team /channel BSWS-Pandemie Pandemie-Team

PlättchenhüpferLeader: surrogate Plättchenhüpfer infoAtlantis, Cartagena, Verflixxt
/channel BSWS-PH Plättchenhüpfer

RoutenplanerLeader: Tammo69 Routenplaner infoAufAchse, ThurnUndTaxis
/channel BSWS-Routenplaner Routenplaner

San JuanLeader: ArcEnCiel San Juan /channel BSWS-SJ San Juan

Sankt PetersburgLeader: Mew2 Sankt Petersburg /channel BSWS-SP Sankt Petersburg

SiedlerLeader: Intoxikation Siedler /channel BSWS-Siedler Siedler

StoneAgeLeader: SirFranky StoneAge /channel BSWS-StoneAge StoneAge

Street SoccerLeader: kurier Street Soccer /channel BSWS-Soccer Street Soccer

Thurn und TaxisLeader: Tammo69 Thurn und Taxis /channel BSWS-TUT Thurn und Taxis

Tierischer 6erLeader: ArcEnCiel Tierischer 6er infoAllesImEimer, Diamant, PiranhaPedro, 6Nimmt!
/channel BSWS-Tierisch Tierischer 6er

TransamericaLeader: Mew2 Transamerica /channel BSWS-TA Transamerica

Um Krone und KragenLeader: Jocelyn25 Um Krone und Kragen /channel BSWS-UKUK Um Krone und Kragen

VerflixxtLeader: surrogate Verflixxt /channel BSWS-Verflixxt Verflixxt

VielseitigkeitLeader: nevinchen Vielseitigkeit /channel BSWS-Vielseitigkeit Vielseitigkeit

WikingerLeader: nevinchen Wikinger /channel BSWS-Wikinger Wikinger

YinshLeader: Mew2 Yinsh /channel BSWS-Yinsh Yinsh

Die Säulen der ErdeLeader: ArcEnCiel Die Säulen der Erde /channel BSWS-DSDE Die Säulen der Erde
Cancelled tournaments

CaylusLeader: Galapagos Caylus /channel BSWS-Caylus Caylus
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