Guidelines and recommendations for mayors

All times mentioned on this website are in BSW Server time, which is in the CET (Central European Time). It can be checked at the site of the atom clock of

Registration of participants

The mayor or deputy of each city may register a maximum of 3 citizens per single player tournament. When registering a player a priority is entered as well. The three players with the lowest priority (normally 1 - 3) can participate in that tournament. Each city also has the option to register three more players (normally priority 4 - 6). These will be automatically registered for that tournament as well, in case the maximum number of entries hasn't been reached yet after the registration phase. After that all players with priority 4 will be added to the tournament, then priority 5 and finally priority 6. The deciding factor is the time of registration. Whoever comes first is first served. So as to leave no doubt: the players registered with the three lowest priorities enter the tournament in all cases. So it's no use to register player 1 with priority 1 and player 2 with priority 4, hoping that player 2 may participate as an additional player, since he's not sure if he's available at the tournament date at the time of registering. Both players will enter the tournament since they have the lowest priorities.

When a tournament has reached the maximum number of participants the players entered with priority 4 - 6 are considered additional registrations.

For each team tournament a city may register 1 team, which may only consist of inhabitants of that city. Players who won a medal during last year's tournament (see under medals) will get an additional place for the respective tournament. This additional place is personal, valid regardless of whether the player changed cities in the meantime, and cannot be granted to other players neither of the old nor of the new city. There is no additional place for teams. If there are tournaments that did not take place in 2008 the medalists of the previous time the tournament was held before 2008 will be granted an additional place for the respective tournament.

Registration will happen using a form which will be available from January 25 - March 7 2010 20:00.

No player may participate at the BrettSpielWeltSpiele with more than one screen name.
Since the participants are representatives of their respective cities, they may not move to another city after registration. If a player moves to another city, his registration will be void and he cannot participate in the BrettSpielWeltSpiele.
Additionally, the BSWS committee reserves the right to exclude players from the BSWS and to cancel their registration.

Manual for the registration form

1. follow the link Link

2. Log in

3. Click on “Tournaments” on the right hand menu bar

  • You will then see an overview of all tournaments, leagues, etc.
  • On top of the page you find all the BSWS Tournaments.

4. Tournament overview:

  • If you click on the name of a tournament, you will see the list of participants of that event.
  • A click on Info will give you the rules and format of the tournaments.
  • Manage (only available for mayors and deputy mayors): here you can actually register the participants of your town.

5. Registration of Participants (Single player events) - only by the mayor / deputy (BGM / STV)

  • Choose the name from the list of your town's citizens.
  • Choose a priority (those who won medals in this discipline in the previous edition automatically get a priority of 0).
  • Click on Register.
  • The (up to) 3 participants with the lowest priority will take part in that tournament.
  • The (up to) 3 participants with a higher priority will form a list of possible substitutes in case one of the first three players has to withdraw from the tournament.
  • This back up list will be only used internally as of now.
  • If you withdraw a player, the player from the back up list with the lowest priority will move up.
  • He will then be visible to everyone in the list of participants.

6. Registration of Participants (team events) - only through mayor / deputy mayor (BGM / STV)

  • To register a team for a team event, first a team has to be founded.
  • Everybody may found teams.
  • Only one team per town and event may participate.
  • Forming a team:
    • Click on the tab “Hall of Fame” (top right corner of the page).
    • Click on the button “Teams” on the menu on the right hand side.
    • Under the line >Your team information< there is a link: “found a new team” –> click on it.
    • You will then be automatically made captain of this team and can change its name (default is “NeuesTeam”) and invite other players to join in.
    • Whenever you entered any information, you have to click on “Change” to process the changes, before you can continue.
    • Additionally, your team status should be “closed”, otherwise anyone can join.
  • What does the invited player(s) have to do?
    • Click on the tab “Hall of Fame” (top right corner of the page).
    • Click on the button “Teams” on the menu on the right hand side.
    • You will then see a list of teams you've been invited to, that are open to everybody or that you are the leader of.
    • Click on “Register” at the end of the line of a team you've been invited to if you want to join.
  • What happens if the captain leaves the team?
    • Before a captain can be deleted from the member list, he has to assign a new captain.
    • He can do so under “Manage”.
    • Now the new captain can delete the old one (and invite new players and so on…).
    • Changing players is allowed until start of preliminaries.
  • Registering a team:
    • The mayor / deputy mayor can register a team in the same way as he registered single players.

7. Where do I find the tournaments that I am registered for?

  • Click on the tab “Hall of Fame” (top right corner of the page).
  • Click on “Player information” on the right hand menu bar –> check the name of the player, if you see ARMistice there, change to your name (otherwise you'll see the tournaments he has registered for).
  • Click on the tab “Tournaments”. Here you will find any tournaments you've registered (not just BSWS, but also other tournaments, guild leagues and more).

8. Overview of all participants of a town:

  • Click on the “Meta game” tab on the top of the page.
  • Click on “Cities” on the right hand side menu bar.
  • Choose your town.
  • Click on the tab “Tournaments”.
    • Here you can see all citizens of this town participating in tournaments.
    • There is no distinction between actual participants and players on the list of substitutes (especially for the BSWS).

9. Withdrawing from a tournament:

  • It is common practice to withdraw yourself of a tournament when you know you can't participate.
  • Registrations can be cancelled by your mayor or deputy at the registration form.
  • It would be nice and helpful if you notice the concerning tournament master of the withdrawal as well.

Additional registrations

  • Events with preliminaries
    For events with preliminaries it's normally not possible to enter late registrations. The only exceptions are those players that have been registered with priority 4 - 6) for this single player tournament. If a city has to cancel the registration of a player with priority 1 - 3 (this can be done by the mayor, the deputy and by the player himself using the registration form), the player with priority 4 (or 5 or 6) will move up in the queue. However, the cancelled player may not have played in the preliminary yet.
  • Events without preliminaries
    If there are still places available in a tournament after the registration phase, additional registrations will be possible. The number of entrants will be extended with the players with priority 4, then priority 5 finally priority 6. If there are still places left after this the respective organizer can contact the committee to reopen the registration form, so mayors or their deputies can add registrations.

If there are still places free there's no maximum of 3 participants per city anymore.


To point this out again: The BSWS are a city tournament. Thus every city has to take responsibility for offences of its citizens. There is always the possibility to bring forward a serious excuse to the tournament organizer as he's the one who possibly had complications and delays because of the absence of registered players or other offences. Mayors should advise his citizens of this rule and try to prevent any mishaps.
There will be no sanctions against citizens which are temporarily banned from the BSWS by committee and mediators.

Per absence without valid excuse: population (of the absentee's city) * 500 taler → yet a maximum of 50,000 taler for ONE absence without valid excuse.
Per leaving the tournament without explanation: population (of the dropper's city) * 1000 taler.

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