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Apr 17 2008

Alle medal winners can choose their prizes up until May 5 2008 10:00 CEST: Link

Apr 13 2008

We would like to thank all tournament organizers for all the work they've done during this year's BSWS.

We also would like to thank the host city for their involvement in helping to make the BSWS 2008 an unforgettable event.

Thanks as well to all those who helped behind the scenes; creating puppets and websites, registering players and stood by to help out and advise us.

Of course we thank all the participants as well. Without you the tournaments wouldn't be the same of course. Time and language-barriers were overcome and everyone played like there was no tomorrow. Good to see that playing games unites us all.

The BSWS 2008 are over. The preparations for 2009 will start soon. Please let us know you positive or negative experiences (modi, rules, bureaucracy, ...), because only with your feedback the event can be improved even.

Mar 28 2008

The contact form is back online for the floating preliminaries in the main tournament. When preliminaries were held only those players are shown who have qualified (though there are still missing some for Backgammon,  LuckyStar and ParisParis).

For all those tournaments for which preliminaries where held, the qualified players can be seen as well (by clicking on the little purple man on the tournaments page).

Mar 25 2008
The opening ceremony will take place on friday March 28 2008 at 19:00 CET in /channel BSWS.

Mar 19 2008
The preliminaries for Meuterer have been cancelled.

Mar 18 2008
The preliminaries for Notre Dame at Mar 19 2008 have been canceled.

Additional registrations are possible here. For the main tournament, Ela0809 (torunament organizer) will draw as many additional players as needed out of those who registered there, to complete the number of participants to 48.

Mar 06 2008

Due to the declining number of participants of the Attika tournament the preliminaries for that tournament have been canceled. The tournament is open for additional registrations now (up until a maximum of 32 participants). Additional registrations are only possible if there are still seats available. The rule that a "maximum of 3 players from each city" does no longer apply to this tournament (and others that are still open for registration).
We ask the mayors to inform their citizens of this option.

Mar 03 2008

We would like to turn your attention to the following things concerning all floating preliminaries:

Results have to be reported by the winner.

In case of problems: /channel BSWS or contact the tournament organizer for that tournament.


Due to the declining number of participants of the Alles im Eimer tournament the preliminaries for that tournament have been canceled. The tournament is open for additional registrations now (up until a maximum of 48 participants). Additional registrations are only possible if there are still seats available. The rule that a "maximum of 3 players from each city" does no longer apply to this tournament (and others that are still open for registration).
We ask the mayors to inform their citizens of this option.

Mar 02 2008

There will be a second time for the San Juan preliminaries after all (due to the fact that the other one is during the Easter-holiday). It will be held on Monday Mar 10 2008. Players who registered for the tournament will need to be present in /channel BSWS-SJ no later than 19:45 CET. The tournament organizer Diwi will send an e-mail to all players concerned. Further questions can be asked to Diwi as well.

Mar 02 2008

Due to a nasty bug in the registration form all citizens of a city could withdraw the registration of all other citizens of their city. It was meant that only players themselves or their mayor and deputy would be able to do that.

This has lead to the the fact that some players of ARMfeld are no longer registered. This happened to the tournaments of Bazaar, CC and Tichu.

All players will be registered again and the registration form has been changed, but now only the mayor and the deputy can withdraw the registration of citizens (and not the players themselves).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Mar 01 2008

AS of tomorrow afternoon the contact form will be online for the floating preliminaries. Games for floating preliminaries can be played as of Monday Mar 3 0:00 CET (all games must be played in the stadium) and results need to be reported using the result form (and results are collected by a Puppet as well, but Puppets may fail).

Tournament organizers will always receive a copy in their mailbox of the reported result. If they want to receive a copy of messages sent using the contact form they can contact Galapagos or ArcEnCiel. This option is standard set to off.

It's also possible for organizers to provide alternative e-mail addresses for copies of messages sent using both forms (so alternative 1 for contact form and alternative 2 for results) to separate those messages from you 'normal' e-mail or make filtering easier.

Feb 26 2008

The preliminaries of the BSWS will start in a few days (as of Mar 03), so a few more info is in place:

During the preliminaries all games must be played in the stadium as well. 

Those tournaments with less than 24 participants on Mar 28 at 20:00 will be canceled (without replacing them with other tournaments).

Tournament leaders can claim their needs for tournament-rooms in the BSWS stadium during the preliminaries in this thread: Link.

Players may play their games for the floating preliminaries as of Mar 03 2008.

In some tournaments there are seeded players (medal winners, the x highest ranked players based on Elo-ranking etc.) to ensure that they won't play against each other in early tournament stages. If last year's medal winners do not participate in the tournament their seeded places will be filled up with with players using the criteria mentioned in the tournament mode (in most cases based on Elo ranking). All seedings will take place on March 1 2008.

For some tournaments it's useful to have a certain number of participants. If not enough people show up during the preliminaries it is allowed to search for additional participants.
In this case, as many players as necessary that can participate are drawn at random from the players that have come forward as additional participants. For example, in a Swiss mode preliminary tournament with an uneven amount of players only one player may participate as an additional player.
The same rule applies to those tournaments which are held without any preliminaries.
Based upon the preliminaries a list of substitutes will be made for the main tournament.

We kindly welcome any links to schedules for the individual preliminary tournaments so we can add them to the website.

And we still receive a lot of questions for which the answers can be found on the website, so feel free to browse through that rich source of information again.

Feb 25 2008

On Wednesday February 27 at 19:00 CET the BSWS-stadium will be chiseled out of stone and build in Asgard (C173).

Feb 24 2008

The registrations have been closed. However, for some tournaments it's still possible to enter late registrations. Those can be found at: under the section "BSWS tournaments - extra registrations".
Players can register themselves here (mayors and deputies are no longer necessary for this). The rule that a maximum of 3 players of a city can enter is no longer applicable for these tournaments. Even if a tournament has reached it's maximum number of participants (shown at each tournament) it may be possible that players withdraw which can lead to available seats again. Those tournaments are then visible again on that page.
So it may be rewarding to check often.

An overview of those tournaments for which additional registrations are possible when the maximum number has not been reached can be found at: in the section marked "Tournaments without preliminaries (extra registrations possible in case of free places)".

And that is the same page which shows the schedule for the preliminaries:

Feb 22 2008

Tournament organizers who already think they need more than 1 tournament for the preliminaries, should send an e-mail to Lysiana in which the name a date between March 3 and March 7 on which the extra tournament will be held. Please send 2 or 3 possible dates. This should be done up until Feb 26 2008. Request received after that will not be processed.

Jan 27 2008

It's now possible up until Feb 24 2008 for mayors and their deputies to register participants. This can only be done by them and not by the participants themselves on this page: Link

We encourage all mayors and players who want to participate to read the guidelines and recommendations again:
Guidelines and recommendations for mayors
Guidelines and recommendations for participants

Remarks, errors, questions - just use this forum, e-mail, PM, etc.

Jan 21 2008

As most of you know, the mayor of each city or his deputy may register up to 3 participants and the players who have won a medal during the BSWS 2007. This additional place is personal, valid regardless of whether the player changed cities in the meantime, and cannot be granted to other players neither of the old nor of the new city.

However, we've decided that for tournaments that didn't happen in the last year (or years), the medal winners of the previous edition before 2007 will receive an additional starting place as well. This goes for:

AiE2006Frode, MC-Fleisch, Goah
Go2005tamihiko71b, NemoEimi, GoKlaus
Meuterer2005Speedy-, Henni, Smug
Packeis2006matztias, vleeseter, Mime
Pokerface2006uvo, mudjai, TheTrueHorn

There is still no additional place for teams.

Jan 20 2008

The tournament schedule for the BSWS is available and can be found here: Link

The date column contains the time at which participants will have to be present in the channel. The tournament starts 15 minutes later.

This has been mentioned in the rules as well:

To ensure a punctual start of a tournament participants are requested to appear at least 15 minutes before the start of an event in the respective channel for that event. A player appearing late (and if it's only by a second according to server time) loses his right to take part in this tournament. Tournament organizers are obliged to implement this demand strictly to assure equal decisions to all tournaments of the BrettSpielWeltSpiele. Entering your channel early is therefore strictly recommended to ensure the tournament running smoothly and you not losing your starting place.

The names of the channel for each tournament can be found in the tournament overview: Link

Jan 16 2008

The list of tournament is complete. Besides Can't Stop Team, Go, King Lui and Pokerface, it will be possible to register participants for Bluff and CCEHuB as well. However, these tournaments will only take place if there are at least 24 registrations during the period for registering (Jan 28 - Feb 24 2008).

We can also congratulate Asgard as the Host City for the BSWS. The website can be found here: Link
Good luck with the hosting.

Jan 14 2008

There are organisers for all but three tournaments now. From Tuesday January 15th at 6 pm CET on the application form will be online again to find four more users to organise one of the following events (alternative tournaments included). First come, first served!

Folletts Rattenplage
King Lui

Tournament modes that aren't online yet will be later today (hit end or scroll to the bottom of the page).
Unfortunately it was impossible to translate all tournament modes on such a short notice, but more will be added soon.

Jan 06 2008

All tournament modes have been translated. Have fun with them. Wink

Jan 03 2008

If there are any preliminaries for a fixed tournament they will be held exactly 3 weeks before the main tournaments. If an organizer applies for a tournament to be held on Friday Apr 14 the preliminaries will take place on Friday Mar 14 at the same time. An exception is of course the floating preliminaries or those that have been described differently in the mode.

The first week of the preliminaries (Mar 3 - Mar 7 2008) are used for the floating preliminaries and for the fixed ones that need more than one occasion due to high numbers of participants. However, this will be determined in co-operation with the tournament organizers after players are registered.

Jan 01 2008

The tournaments for the BSWS 2008 are available for everyone and can be viewed (and assessed) here:

Unfortunately it was impossible to translate all 49 (!) tournament modes on such a short notice, but more will be added daily.

And for those who are willing to organize a tournament, please do nut only examine the modes carefully, but read the hints for organizers as well.

You can use this form to apply for organizing a tournament until Jan 13 2008.

Dec 24 2007

The new website is now online.

One of the first things to do now is determining the host city. All info about that can be found here.

Cities can apply until Jan 13 2008 (changed deadline !!!) by sending an e-mail to Lysiana[at]

For discussion please use this thread.

Dec 19 2007

It seems that we haven't communicated our motives for the changes in the organization of the BSWS tournaments enough, especially the way in which the individual tournaments will be organized. Since we will be needing the help of Tournament masters during the event (and we surely don't see them as simple helping hands) to make the BSWS-event successful, we'll try to explain it all some further. We regret that we way we have communicated too few so far resulting in diminishing anticipation for the event.

During the past years, the BSWS has become a semi-official BrettspielWelt-event for us and we feel responsible for any unpleasantnesses for participants and organizers that happen during the event. Even though we're not always at fault in case of arising problems, but as the organizing committee we have to deal with those situations anyway. Unfortunately, based on the experiences of the past BSWS events (formerly known as the Olympic games of BrettspielWelt) we had to face the fact that not every tournament organizer, who had presented a proposal for a holding a tournament, kept an open mind for any changes or discussions. In some cases there were some serious problems during the tournaments as well, which in some cases (during weekends) led other problems with tournaments that were being held after those.

Also the selection procedure of more than 100 proposals leads to an impossible amount of work. Especially since the work isn't just selecting the proposals, but includes also responding to endless e-mails and discussions. So we had to find a way to deal with this kind of labor intensiveness. Another thing was that it was becoming a real pain to find people who were capable of dealing with this kind of things and who could last more than a single event. So in the end we had to conclude that it it couldn't be expected from anyone to perform these tasks.

So for the next event we'll use the good setups from the last years, since we're not trying to re-invent the wheel. These will be complemented with general rules that will apply to all tournaments (e.g. regarding reporting results of matches, claims, deadlines, etc.). Our goal is to make as simple as possible again for players to take part in the event and to provide the tournament organizers with a solid basis to work with.

We invite all interested tournament organizers to be critical about the modi they're interested in, ask questions in case of lack of clarity and problems and propose any improvements to us.

We also ask of you to use the time between the BSWS events for any experiments and let us know the results of them.

Nov 25 2007

Here's the time schedule for the next BrettSpielWeltSpiele in 2008:

Publication of the BSWS Games                            until Dec 31 2007
Application for tournament organization                  Jan 01 - Jan 13 2008
Publication of the BSWS tournament and general planning  until Jan 27 2008
Registering participants                                 Jan 28 - Feb 24 2008
Publication of the BSWS qualification planning           until Mar 02 2008
BSWS Qualifications                                      Mar 03 - Mar 23 2008
BSWS                                                     Mar 29 - Apr 13 2008

Submitting candidacies for organizing Cities             until Jan 13

There will be a few changes in the set-up of the BSWS this year. The committee will select the games that will be played during the BSWS and publish the modes in which those games will be played. After that, all players of BSW will have the chance to sign up for organizing that game with that mode. The committee will then select the person to organize the event.
However, this doesn't mean that we're not open to suggestions and new ideas. We're just not discussing every proposal that has been sent in for weeks, which has lead in the past to harsh words which were not necessary. We are compelled to taking this step since the  set-up of the previous two BSWSs has led to too many losses of valuable people helping out.

New proposals can be sent to bsws[at]gloppy[dot]nl.

Furthermore, we are not infallible and if someone has some criticism on the modes we publish, we're looking forward to any suggestions for improvements. But in this case we're not going to discuss those suggestions for ever if we were to turn them down.

We're hoping all of you understand our considerations and wish you a wonderful BrettSpielWeltSpiele 2008.
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