Guidelines for applications for hosting the games

Stadium The host city has to build a stadium.
Cost: 10,000 wood, 2,000 stone, 2,000 wool, 2,000 ore, 1,000 tool, 10,000 taler
Usage of the stadium: The stadium will host the BrettspielWeltSpiele. During the games it will contain enough rooms which can flexibly be allocated for the different games at all times. Once the BrettspielWeltSpiele are over, the stadium will hold six game rooms. The games in these rooms can be chosen by the host city once.
Game rooms The host city will be responsible for allocating the needed rooms for the different tournaments and will inform the respective tournament organizers of their allocated rooms, so that they can announce them to their players.
Opening ceremony The host city has to organize an opening ceremony. It should take place on Friday, April 13th 2007 in the evening (German time). The date is fix and cannot be changed. The look, feel and contents of the ceremony are totally up to the host city.
Blacklist For all players of BSW to be able to participate, the blacklist of the host city must be empty during the games.
Application Applications received by the committee will not be published before the application deadline. This shall ensure that other potential applicants are not narrowed down in their creativity.
It will be published, however, which cities have applied. Only the mayor of a city may send a final application. Please send it to « ulkomaalainen(at) ».
The applications will be collected and inspected for completeness by Ulkomaalainen, who will be responsible for this. After the deadline for application has passed, they can be published.
Subsequently the host city will be elected (see next point, "Voting").

Important! Applications should at least include the following:

  • A mascot
  • Result service
  • A homepage
  • Presentation of the opening ceremony, award ceremonies for the medallists and the final ceremony
  • Tournament room creating
  • Contact persons should represent their city in the /channel BSWS
Voting Eligible to vote are all members of the committee and all Tournament Masters (TOM).
The vote will be held in multiple rounds.
Each eligible voter has one vote per ballot.
If one city reaches more than 50 % of all submitted votes it wins the voting. Otherwise the city with the least votes is eliminated from the voting and a new ballot begins.
In case of a tie between multiple cities with the lowest number of votes, poschdi, whose vote otherwise will not be counted, will decide.

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