1. Commands for the Tournament Master

/schiri NAME
The tournament master appoints a player to be referee. (They can also appoint themselves.)

2. Commands for Referees

/listroom turnier |GAMENAME
This function lists all the tournament rooms with that game (this command is not limited to referees).

//ooption A-Z Option1[:value],Option2 [value],[...]
These commands are used for setting BSWS rooms in the stadium
A-Z gives the room numbers excluding the prefix (e.g. use 1 for T1). If there is a value needed for an option you can use a colon.
Example: result:Siedler-Ergebnisse
In order to deactivate certain game options, you can use an exclaimation mark!
Example: !ritter

  • The complete instruction for ten tournament rooms (T1-T10) with the options "turnier" and "result", but without "ritter"would look like:
    /ooption 1-10 turnier,result:Siedler-Ergebnisse,!ritter
  • Ligretto:  /ooption 13-23 SELFSTART,RESULT:BSWS-Ligo,INVISIBLE
It's also possible to pin the options; it suffices to write the name in capital letters then. The option <selfstart> allows any player to start a game, even when he is not a referee .
Invisible is an important option for your rooms, so they will not be shown in the Game Manager so it prevents all kind of players to join the game.

/ostart A-Z Option1[:value],Option2 [value],[...]
With these instruction several BSWS games can be started at the same time.
Also here it's possible to use the options. This can be done in the same way as /ooption A-Z Option1[:value],Option2 [value],[...].

CCE: /ostart 15-28 erweiterung,result:BSWS-CCE,start:1,invisible

3. important Channel commands

Shows which users are in the channel.

Use this command to leave the channel.

Makes the player in the channel with the highest rank an Operator.
If a higher-ranked player enters the channel, the Operator status is not passed on automatically.

/mode closed=on|off
When a channel is in CLOSED mode, nobody else can enter it. This is shown in the Channel tool with a (C).

/mode moderated=on|off
Only Operators and VIPs may speak when a channel is in MODERATED mode. This is shown in the Channel Tool as (M).

/mode quiet=on|off
In a channel in QUIET mode, there is no notification when someone enters or leaves the channel. This is shown in the Channel Tool with (Q).

/oper NAME=+/-Operator
Gives the player (additional) Operator (O) status (+) or removes it (-).

/oper NAME=+/-VIP
Makes the indicated player a VIP (V). This allows a player to speak even when the channel mode is set to MODERATED.

/chmotd TEXT
Sets the channel motto. It's also possible to enter multiple lines with /chmotd Line1|Line2|Line3

/chkick NAME
Throws the named player out of the channel. VIPs may also use this command.

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