1. Registration

Each city may register a maximum of 3 citizens per single player tournament. When registering a player a priority is entered as well. The three players with the lowest priority (normally 1 - 3) can participate in that tournament. Each city also has the option to register three more players (normally priority 4 - 6). These will be automatically registered for that tournament as well in case the maximum number of entries hasn't been reached yet after the registration phase. After that all players with priority 4 will be added to the tournament, then priority 5 finally priority 6. The deciding factor is the time of registration. Whoever comes first is first served. So as to leave no doubt: the players registered with the three lowest priorities enter the tournament in all cases. So it's no use to register player 1 with priority 1 and player 2 with priority 4, hoping that player 2 may participate as an additional player, since he's not sure if he's available at the tournament date at the time of registering. Both players will enter the tournament since they have the lowest priorities. There is a possibility to cancel a registration (see section 6: Netiquette). When a tournament has reached the maximum number of participants the players entered with priority 4 - 6 are considered additional registrations (see section 2: Additional registrations)

For each team tournament a city may register 1 team.

Players who won a medal during last year's tournament (see under medals) will get an additional place for the respective tournament. This additional place is personal, valid regardless of whether the player changed cities in the meantime, and cannot be granted to other players neither of the old nor of the new city. There is no additional place for teams.

Registration will happen using a form which will be available from Feb 02 - Mar 11 2007.

No player may participate at the BrettspielWeltSpiele with more than one screen name. Since the participants are representatives of their respective cities, they may not move to another city after registration. If a player moves to another city, his registration will be void and he cannot participate in the BrettspielWeltSpiele.

The BSWS committee reserves the right to exclude players from the BSWS and to cancel their registration.

2. Additional registrations

Events with preliminaries:
For events with preliminaries it's normally not possible to enter late registrations. The only exceptions are those players that have been registered with priority 4 - 6) for this single player tournament. If a city has to cancel the registration of a player with priority 1 - 3 (using the registration form), the player with priority 4 (or 5 or 6) will move up in the queue. However, the cancelled player may not have played in the preliminary yet.

Events without preliminaries:
If there are still places available in a tournament after the registration phase, additional registrations will be possible. The number of entrants will be added with the players with priority 4, then priority 5 finally priority 6.

If there are still places left after this the respective organizer can contact the committee (using the contact form) to reopen the registration form. However, the committee decides whether the maximum number of participants will be raised and by how much.

If there are still places free there's no maximum of 3 participants per city anymore.

3. List of substitutes

During the preliminaries, a list of possible substitutes must also be drawn up. In case a player does not show up or shows up late for the tournament, players can substitute for the abandoned places in the order of this list. If there is no defined order, the referee may draw lots via a puppet or serve via a first come, first serve basis.

Potential substitutes are asked to appear in time in the channel for the tournament.

4. Attendance

To ensure a punctual start of the tournament, participants are requested to appear at least 15 minutes before the start of an event in the respective channel for that event. A player appearing late (and if it's only by a second according to server time) loses his right to take part in this tournament. The channel names can be found in the tournament plan. Tournament organisers are obliged to implement this demand strictly to assure equal decisions to all tournaments of the BrettspielWeltSpiele.

Entering your channel early is therefore strictly recommended to ensure a) the tournament running smoothly and b) you not losing your starting place.

5. Referees

The referees (or arbiters) are responsible for a successful tournament during the BrettspielWeltSpiele. This includes registration of attendance in the channel, coordination of rooms in the BrettspielWeltSpiele Stadium, providing and updating of a tournament schedule, and deciding possible disputes to the best of their ability.

The referees are the final authority on disputes in their tournaments. All decisions (regarding amongst others, but not limited to, showing up late, playing slowly on purpose, and other unsportsmanlike conduct) will be binding for the participants.

Players abusing or insulting the referee or show other disrespectful and unsportsmanlike behaviour towards referees or other players, may face sanctions (see also section 7: Sanctions).

6. Netiquette

The ideal of the Olympic Games was „to bring all peoples together for a peaceful contest“.

Therefore all participants of the BrettspielWeltSpiele should be honest in the contest, modest in victory, not envy in defeat and open in their attitude.

Thus, all participants are expected to behave friendly and fairly in the games.

7. Withdrawal

With that it is common practice withdraw yourself of a tournament when you know you can't participate. Registrations can be cancelled by the mayor in question. However the tournament masters will not see that immediately. Therefore it would be nice and helpful if you notice the concerning tournament master of the withdrawal as well.

If that town has registered players with priority 4 - 6, the player with the lowest priority will move up in the queue.

It is of course possible that a player will have to withdraw just before the start of a tournament. Also then it would be wise to excuse oneself to the concerning tournament master afterwards. After all, it causes extra work for the tournament master when players don't show up without notice.

8. Sanctions

Tournament organisers can ask the committee for sanctioning players (e.g. for having been absent from the tournament without valid excuse, suddenly leaving the tournament, etc.).

Per absence without valid excuse: population (of the absentee's city) * 500 taler -> yet a maximum of 50,000 taler for ONE absence without valid excuse

Per leaving the tournament without explanation: population (of the dropper's city) * 1000 taler

Regarding other "delicts" a tournament organiser has encountered, he can send e-mail to the committee. The committee will then decide individually.

To point this out again: The BSWS are a city tournament. Thus every city has to take responsibility for delicts of its citizens. There is always the possibility to bring forward a serious excuse to the tournament organiser as he's the one who possibly had complications and delays because of the absence of registered players.

9. Disqualification

Players may be expelled from the certain tournaments due to a record of cheating and trying to cheat in the past. A tournament organiser has the right to ask the committee for exclusion from a specific tournament or the complete BrettspielWeltSpiele. The committee will confer with the mediators about the player in question and reach a decision.

Likewise, the committee has the right to exclude players from all tournaments.

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